In 2013 I received an invitation and attended my first Lehigh Valley Chapter SCI event. My wife and I fresh off our first destination hunting trip to South Africa the year before and were still excited from the adventure. The banquet was nothing short of amazing. I was taken back by the comradery and enthusiasm in the rook and was happy to be spending time with others that shared my same passions. The excitement got he best of my and I found myself with my hand in the air. I purchased another African safari that evening and never looked back. I couldn't wait for the banquet to come around again and when it did, I was invited to sit with the board of directors. It was at that time that I began to learn ALL that LVSCI does and who they support. I found out about their education programs that help introduce our youth to the world of hunting. I learned how they wholehearted support those who have served through their veteran's programs and most of all I came to realize how much they do to protect the right to hunt. The right that is such a big part of my life and something I could just not live without.